Accomplish your goals with the help of your friends

How It Works

Pick A Daily Goal

Make this a manageable, measurable, daily goal that you'd like to make routine. For example, keep pushing me to do 100 sit-ups and 50 push-ups each morning. You'll be texted with a daily reminder at a time you choose.

Pick A Friend

If you miss a day or two, your friend will get a text saying you missed a day. They'll send you the motivation you need to not miss another day. We'll also text them if you get on a streak with accomplishing your goal.

90 Days

It takes 90 days to make and break a habit. After 90 days of accomplishing your goal, we'll stop sending you text message reminders.

Invited By A Friend To Hold Them Accountable?

Awesome! You don't have to do anything else. You'll be messaged automatically when your friend does not accomplish their goal one day.

Get Started

Any cell phone numbers added here will not be sold nor spammed, and you'll always have the option to opt out.

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Accepted Commands

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